Frequently Asked Questions!

Good architecture is like a good therapy session, a good marriage a good
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Exterior design is the process of designing the exterior of a building, also known as architecture, and includes the facade, roof, and foundational elements. Exterior design includes physical structures as well as technical designs such as paint color, roof shape, materials, flooring, landscaping, etc.

Yes, exterior design is also known as architecture.

Interior design focuses on improving the interior appearance of your home and meeting your personal needs and choices. This includes all the interior items and decorations to create a comfortable and beautiful space. While exterior design is concerned with improving the exterior appearance of your home and protecting it from harmful environmental factors.

Today, B5 Design has over 10 years of experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a focus on Riyadh. B5 Design greatest pride is when customers become ambassadors and refer us to their acquaintances , we are honored to receive positive feedback and referrals from our clients.

When working on interior design and choosing hall decor, we advise you to choose neutral colors that can be easily combined with other modern colors of your choice. Neutral colors such as grey, black, beige and olive are used to cover walls and floors. Other colors you desire can be included in additional decorative pieces, such as furniture, pillows, and carpets. Burgundy color is usually used in most designs that include patterns

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